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Energy Bill Legislation: A Blow to Alternative Energy.
On December 13th, the US Senate voted on a watered down version of the bill that left renewable energy supporters agast... read more

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New Energy Standards for Automobiles
While the Recent Energy Bill passed by the senate and approved by the president left the renewable energy industry out to dry, the bill did pass improved standards in the auto-industry...
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Local Green Services

In building this website and learning about Green Housing as a Realtor, I have met many local service providers that are a part of the Green Revolution. Please visit them below. If you are a local service provider that would like to be on my website, please call me at 858-761-1707.

Local Directory

Cleaning Services:
Ecoclean - Green Cleaning Service San Diego: Ecoclean Services, Inc. offers carpet cleaning, house cleaning, window cleaning, upholstery cleaning, area rug cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, and pressure washing services throughout San Diego County. We are proud to be know as the first eco-friendly cleaning service in San Diego, CA. since 2004!

CSA Farms in San Diego:
Seabreeze Organic Farm: The concept of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) at Seabreeze Organic Farm benefits both parties. We produce a wide range of products year-round, specializing in vegetables, flowers, some fruit, herbs, and a small well-tended flock of chickens and ducks. CSAs are part of a growing movement towards regionalism (a belief that a viable community must be self-sustaining). Local food sources, renewable energy and clean water are cornerstones of this idea.

Revolution Landscape – Edible Gardens & Sustainable Landscapes |La Jolla: specializing in the construction of edible gardens and native landscapes for San Diego's residents and businesses. Our dynamic landscapes reduce water use, bear a weekly basket of organic produce, and restore native habitat.

Water Conservation:
Rainwater Harvesting & greywater re-use: H2OME is San Diego's first rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling installation business. Offering consultations on water reuse and storage opportunities, H2OME provides a complete solution from planning to installation. Call Brook: 619.964.4838

RainThanks & Greywater - Water Conservation products and services: We design, install and consult on water conservation systems & strategies. Including greywater reuse, rain catchment in edible and ornamental landscapes. Energy savings devices and low-tech solutions covered.

Service Providers in other areas of the Country

Hand Dryers - Electric hand dryers by American Dryer, SanifLow Corp., Word Dryer, Bradley Corp, and Bobrick.