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Energy Bill Legislation: A Blow to Alternative Energy.
On December 13th, the US Senate voted on a watered down version of the bill that left renewable energy supporters agast... read more

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New Energy Standards for Automobiles
While the Recent Energy Bill passed by the senate and approved by the president left the renewable energy industry out to dry, the bill did pass improved standards in the auto-industry...
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Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies have been linked to cancer and many other diseases. In our quest for the perfect cleanser, we have created so many chemicals, it is scary. But there are a number of products and alternative cleaning methods to use.

Towels, sponges, etc.

leaf Stop using disposable items when cleaning and start using towels and scrubbers that have a much longer lifespan.


The furniture industry uses many products and many methods in their production. You can easily eliminate some of the really bad ones, and with a little research find green furniture companies.