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Energy Bill Legislation: A Blow to Alternative Energy.
On December 13th, the US Senate voted on a watered down version of the bill that left renewable energy supporters agast... read more

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New Energy Standards for Automobiles
While the Recent Energy Bill passed by the senate and approved by the president left the renewable energy industry out to dry, the bill did pass improved standards in the auto-industry...
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Live Near Your Office

When it comes to the location in which you live, nothing is as important as being near where you work, or near an efficient form of public transportation. If everyone lived by this motto, we could cut down on millions of gallons of gas consumption every year. This would dramatically change the amount of air pollution and greenhouse gases we are emitting into the atmosphere.

Have Necessary Services Nearby

leaf Master Planned communities are starting to move back towards having town centers that can fully sustain the needs of the community independently. If you do not have to drive, or drive far for your food, work and entertainment, you can make a dramatic effect lowering air pollution and greenhouse gases.

Walk, Run or Bike

Why do we drive everywhere? For my generation, I think it's more out of habit than anything else. There is nothing more peaceful, energizing and healthy than walking - why not make IT a habit? Cars not only contribute to air pollution, but noise pollution. Have you ever been to a really old town in Europe where the streets are all pedestrian? It's so wonderful. For mid-range distances, ride a bike. The cost of a bike compared to that of a car and the gas needed to fill the tank every week makes the purchase an investment and not a loss. And, you'll get in better shape doing it!