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This is where I will be posting my blog on green housing for our green readers. I encourage and seek help from other like-minded individuals. Send me information, blogs & articles you feel need promotion to our community and I will post them in this spot and give reference to you.

Articles & News

Here I will be posting links to other news & articles that I find on the web. I encourage our readers to help us by sending links to your blogs or any articles/sites you find on the web that promote the green cause.

Doing a Green Home Remodel

<<-- Please note the links on the left! There are so many way to remodel your home green that we had to create an entire navigation menu of it's own for this section. Peruse the individual sections of home remodeling that you are interested in and view it's page.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

leaf The ever so common mantra fits well as a reminder here. When doing a remodel, you should first think about what parts of your home you can continue to use or repurpose in a different way. For example, some people move older kitchen cabinets into the garage for extra cabinet storage space. Make sure to recycle all of your job site waste that is recyclable. And, as always, reduce materials/space used, waste, and energy consumed to do your remodel.