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This is where I will be posting my blog on green housing for our green readers. I encourage and seek help from other like-minded individuals. Send me information, blogs & articles you feel need promotion to our community and I will post them in this spot and give reference to you.

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Here I will be posting links to other news & articles that I find on the web. I encourage our readers to help us by sending links to your blogs or any articles/sites you find on the web that promote the green cause.

Benefits of remodeling

If we remember the mantra of "reduce, reuse, recycle" and we are not afraid of some work, remodeling your current home is likely the way to go unless your personal situation demands a move. By remodeling an existing home, you are taking a relatively inefficient space and turning it green. You can be sure to re-use anything and everything possible. You can be sure that the materials used are truly green (i.e. recycled materials), that the construction process leaves as small a carbon footprint as possible, and that waste is kept to a minimum (and all recyclable materials are recycled).

Benefits of Moving

leaf Some people don't have the desire, time or skill to remodel their current home. By seeking & buying a green home, you will increase demand in the industry for builders to build green homes. Make sure you ask pertinent questions about all the materials used and construction practices to ensure your builder is up to par and not just greenwashing.

Your Personal Scenario

Your decision to remodel or move may just depend on your personal situation. There are benefits to doing either, but what if you have a growing family and just can't fit into your space anymore? What if you drive 30 miles to your job everyday? That's not green - it would make more 'green sense' simply to move closer to your job. There are 101 scenarios to do either a remodel or buy green - think about your situation and you'll likely see the best solution. If you would like help, contact me, Adam Pascu, for a personal consultation at 858-761-1707 or