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Different Strokes for Different Folks

Getting the right window will depend on your local climate as well as the window's orientation. Windows in cold climates need to bring in as much sun light as possible, whereas windows in hot climates need to deflect the sun's energy to keep the home cool. A skylight window will have a different purpose and need than that of a typical wall window. Be sure to consult with a good window professional about your individual needs.

Window Technologies

The technology here gets somewhat technical, so I've chosen to link to a website that I feel has great content. Check out the various links below to learn more about the various technologies used to increase window energy efficiency:

leafGlazing Types
Frame Types
Operating Types
Low-E Coatings
Gas Fills
Low Conductance Spacers

Window Placement

If you have the ability to move, add or change your window placements, you may be able to increase your home's natural use of the sun to increase efficiency by minimizing the need for heating, cooling, or artificial light. Check out our sections on Green Construction, Solar Energy and Green Lighting for more.

Ventilate - Open Your Windows!

I recently read about a study done in Los Altos where homes had high energy efficiences, but they had poor air quality. High concentrations of toxins such as formaldehyde were found in the air. Although, I'm sure it is possible to use toxin free products, it may be a very good precaution to ventilate your home regularly, especially if you have an 'air-tight' energy efficient home. You can open your windows every day here in San Diego - I suggest you do so. Using & running good air filters will also improve air quality. Remember that the first quality of a green home should be a healthy home. How good is an energy efficient home if it makes its occupant sick?