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Solar: A Renewable Energy Source for Green Homes

The sun's energy is one of the best renewable energy sources readily available to individual homeowners and small businesses. There are a number of ways to use the sun's energy as a source of sustainable living - from solar panels to passive solar design to water heating solar system and more.... California is seeking to lead the way in our nation's push towards alternative energy sources with such legislation as the Million Solar Roofs Bill and the California Solar Initiative.

Photovoltaics: Active Solar Panel Systems

leaf Active solar is usually what we think of when we talk about solar power. This involves harnessing the sun's energy using solar panels and converting this energy into electricity to be used in the home. The biggest hurdle with these systems hitting mainstream is the upfront cost (ranging from $10-30k) even though homeowners save in the long run by reducing/eliminating power bills & increasing the value of their home. Additionally, the California Solar Initiative currently offers a sizable upfront rebate that can cover 20-30% of the total cost. You may also be eligible for a $2,000 federal income tax credit.

For more detailed information on active solar systems, solar tax credits for homeowners and to contract a reputable business to install solar at your home or business, please consult either of these San Diego Solar companies:

Silverwood Energy                          Borrego Solar

Passive Solar

Passive solar design involves building a home in a manner that helps heat and cool the home naturally without using mechanical energy. Regarding passive solar design, all you can do is promote the topic, and when it comes time to buy or build your next home, to seek a home built with passive solar design. Same examples of passive solar design are: southward facing glass windows and using materials like concrete or stone floor slabs that hold heat during daylight hours, then slowly release it by night. Or, use shading to prevent summer sun from entering the interior. See our green housing construction section for more on passive solar.

Solar Thermal: Water Heating

Solar thermal describes systems that convert the sun's energy to heat that can be used to offset loads typically provided by natural gas and electricity. In Southern California and most of the southwest, solar heating systems can provide a large majority of hot water energy to a household. These systems consist of a solar thermal collector, a reservoir tank to store the water, and a fluid system that moves the water through the system and to it's usage points. Countries like Israel & china currently lead the way in usage of solar hot water systems.

Solar Pool Heating

Heating pools using solar thermal techniques is the most widespread usage of solar hot water in the U.S. This is likely in part due to the fact that solar hot water technologies are more efficient than other solar technologies and is a cost-effective way to heat your pool. So here is one of the many examples where 'going green' just makes sense...