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Energy Bill Legislation: A Blow to Alternative Energy.
On December 13th, the US Senate voted on a watered down version of the bill that left renewable energy supporters agast... read more

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New Energy Standards for Automobiles
While the Recent Energy Bill passed by the senate and approved by the president left the renewable energy industry out to dry, the bill did pass improved standards in the auto-industry...
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Although the media likes to create doubt with regards to this topic, the scientific community is overwhelmingly convinced that human activity is the major contributor to changes in our environment responsible for global warming. If you haven't heard about Global warming or aren't convinced that we are causing it or that we can change the trend, this page is not for you, as I've already made this assumption. I will now discuss the ways we contribute to global warming and the things we can do to change and live green.


leaf For most of us, driving a car is the worst thing we do for the environment on a daily basis. Our cars emit greenhouse gases that trap heat in our atmosphere. Your options include driving a green car, living nearer to your work place and most visited spots, walking, biking, public transportation...

The Products you Buy

We are consumers. Most large corporations live by their profit line. For year, some corporations have chosen to rape our lands and emit harmful pollutants into our air because we allowed them to. We bought their products. Research your favorite companies and insist their production methods be green by giving feedback and ultimately, by buying products that are responsible to us and our environment.