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Energy Bill Legislation: A Blow to Alternative Energy.
On December 13th, the US Senate voted on a watered down version of the bill that left renewable energy supporters agast... read more

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New Energy Standards for Automobiles
While the Recent Energy Bill passed by the senate and approved by the president left the renewable energy industry out to dry, the bill did pass improved standards in the auto-industry...
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Baby Diapers

Disposable diapers have 2 issues: landfill space & chemicals touching your baby.

Feeding your Baby

leaf You are what you eat. Do you want your baby eating foods with pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones or steriods? I don't. Buy organic and read the labels carefully. If you have the time, buy organic foods and process them in a blender yourself. Freeze them in small jars or ice cube trays.

Clothing and Linens

Clothes touch our bodies consistently. It may be found increasingly important for our health to wear organic clothes. Most baby stores are offering organic baby clothes and linens. Matresses are also an issue for debate.